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The Vertical Door Advantage

The Peelle Company Ltd. is known worldwide for high quality design and manufacturing of special elevator doors for heavy duty elevators. Peelle is known for manufacturing quality products, but more importantly for their durability. As a result, Peelle is recognized as an industry leader and the world’s largest supplier of horizontal and vertical sliding doors for demanding commercial/industrial applications.

In a world where elevator products are also characterized by high-tech, cost optimization and mass business, Peelle maintains its pragmatic approach to solving the traditional technical requirements that apply precisely to the extremely high-stress environments in which Peelle doors are used.

Vertical sliding doors from Peelle are characterized
especially by the following properties:


Horizontal sliding doors are primarily for applications with lighter weight. With incorrect loading, it can therefore easily be damaged by carelessness or abuse.

Peelle vertical sliding doors are specially designed for high payloads and increased Stresses designed freight elevators. Particularly suitable for loading operations with pallet trucks, pallets and forklifts.


The locking devices of horizontal sliding doors are particularly sensitive to unintentional adjustments. This very quickly affects the performance of the door.
The door locks on the Peelle vertical sliding doors are independent from door leaves. As they are mounted outside the door opening on the vertical door guides in the shaft,so they are particularly protected.


Horizontal sliding doors are while loading, if the doors are only partially open, at particularly high risk exposed to accidental or improper damage. This quickly leads to long downtimes.
The sequential operating sequence of the Peelle vertical doors only allows loading, when the shaft and cabin doors are completely open. This effectively prevents breakdowns in the elevator system.


The accessible Peelle vertical sliding doors are specially designed for goods lifts.

The flat surface enables a smooth and easy loading process. The door guides run vertically in the elevator shaft. This protects them from damage during loading. This also prevents door faults due to dirty door sills.


Horizontal sliding doors have a mechanical coupling between cabins- and shaft door open, that can diverge when loading heavy loads, causing the elevator to stop.
The vertical sliding doors from Peelle become cabins- and the shaft door operated independently of each other, they are not mechanically coupled. Optimal conditions for loading heavy loads!eren Lasten!


Horizontal sliding doors take up space, to accommodate the side panels while the door is open.
Peelle vertical sliding doors only need a 330 mm recess on the side. This means more usable building space for the operator.