UCM complete solution

Detailbilder zum UCM MOD-Kit von SLC

EN81-20/50: UCM Complete Solution

Complete, Harmonized, Extensive

We offer you a complete system to fulfill the UCM requirements of EN 81-20/50 (EN 81-1/2: A3)


1. Detection: Monitoring Unit
2. Tripping: Overspeed Governor (OSG)
3. Braking device: Progressive Safety Gear SG2D-1 or BF2D-1 or BF2D-2 incl. Tandem und Triple Versions


  • Complete solution as modular system consisting of:
    detection, tripping device, braking device, OSG rope, tension weight, emergency power supply and all required cables
  • All components are coordinated and individually certified
  • The brake acts directly on the car, this means thesystem can detect loss of traction
  • UCM complete system up to 12t available
  • Integration in any lift controller possible
  • By integration of error signal in the safety circuit of the lift, requirements of EN81-20/50 are completely fulfilled. No further adaptions of hardware or software of the lift control system will be necessary



Basic Package:

  • Overspeed Governor with creeping protection and incremental encoder DMS
  • Tension weight for fixing on the guide rail
  • Electronic monitoring unit (Mod-Kit SLC UCM V01)
  • Safety gear type BF or SG2D-1, with tripping device, roller switch, safety gear shaft and neutral position
  • Emergency power supply for evacuation
  • Terminals for rechargeable battery with active reverse voltage protection
  • Serial RS232-debug-interface
  • Push-button for flash-test of all UCM brake components (initiation, condition monitoring)


  • Cable connection from monitoring unit to controller and from monitoring unit to OSG (dependent on length)
  • Other safety gears applicable, dependent upon load and product
  • Miscellaneous accessories


Progressive Safety Gear Type BF

Progressive Safety Gear Type SG

Overspeed Governor HJ