Gabelstaplerbetrieb in einem Lastenaufzug mit Peelletüren


The Peelle Company and SLC: Strong partnership for innovative door solutions

Since 2007, Sautter Lift Components has been the exclusive sales representative of Peelle in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We offer you much more than just the sale of high-quality vertical sliding doors for goods lifts. Our comprehensive service supports you in every phase of your project:

  • Technical advice:
    • • Clarification of the technical specifications for your project in close co-operation with Peelle’s experts.
    • • Individual advice and customised solutions for your requirements.
  • Project management
    • • Tracking of the planning and production process at Peelle and ongoing information to you.
    • • Organisation and implementation of collection at the factory, sea transport, customs clearance and delivery to the desired delivery address.
  • Technical support:
    • • Support with technical, logistical and commercial problems.
    • • Communication with the manufacturing plant in Canada.
  • Training and assembly:
    • • On request, training of your employees for the professional installation and maintenance of the door systems.
    • • On-site installation supervision by our experienced technicians

So you get everything from a single source –  from advice to delivery and maintenance.

Klaus Sautter is your contact in Germany:

Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Sautter

Tel: +49 7154 9996



Manuals for landing doors

Installation guide biparting doors landing doors:
242-EN biparting landing doors

Installation guide 1&2 section slide-up door:
245-EN 1&2 section slide-up doors:

Installation guide 3 section slide-up door:
257-EN 3 Section Slide-Up Door Installation Guide

Manuals for cabin doors

Installation guide 2 section car door
253-EN Double Section Car Gate

Installation guide 3 section car door (single counterweight)
218-EN 3 Section Slide-Up Car Gate

Installation guide 3 section car door (double counterweight)
258-EN 3 Section Slide-Up Car Gate

Other manuals

Installation guide entrance frame
208-EN Entrance frame

Installation guide Light curtain
235-EN Light curtain #1 + #2

Installation manual PLC control system and interface:

Installation guide Wireless door controller
224-EN wireless door controller

Maintenance and operation

Storage and handling : 247-EN Storage and handling procedure

Maintenance: 204-EN Maintenance guide

Operation instructions: 250-EN Usage and operation instructions

Installation tools

Assembly requirement: installation requirements

Installation tools kit

Consumables kit

Lastenaufzug mit Wagen und Kisten beladen und einem Peelletor