Manuals for landing doors

Installation guide biparting doors landing doors:
242-EN biparting landing doors

Installation guide 1&2 section slide-up door:
245-EN 1&2 section slide-up doors:

Installation guide 3 section slide-up door:
257-EN 3 Section Slide-Up Door Installation Guide

Manuals for cabin doors

Installation guide 2 section car door
253-EN Double Section Car Gate

Installation guide 3 section car door (single counterweight)
218-EN 3 Section Slide-Up Car Gate

Installation guide 3 section car door (double counterweight)
258-EN 3 Section Slide-Up Car Gate

Other manuals

Installation guide entrance frame
208-EN Entrance frame

Installation guide Light curtain
235-EN Light curtain #1 + #2

Installation manual PLC control system and interface:

Installation guide Wireless door controller
224-EN wireless door controller

Maintenance and operation

Storage and handling : 247-EN Storage and handling procedure

Maintenance: 204-EN Maintenance guide

Operation instructions: 250-EN Usage and operation instructions

Installation tools

Assembly requirement: installation requirements

Installation tools kit

Consumables kit