new UCM-MOD kit

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New generation of the UCM-MOD kit on the market

No more malfunction due to empty batteries

Sautter Lift Components is a developer and manufacturer of complete safety solutions for retrofitting UCM protective devices on elevator systems from all manufacturers. The new generation of the proven UCM-MOD kit is characterized by an improved battery management and numerous new features to increase the ease of use and assembly.

Empty or defective car batteries were again by far the most common cause of breakdowns last year, which the ADAC’s yellow angels had to fix. The uninterruptible power supply for maintaining essential safety functions is also becoming increasingly important in elevators. With the new generation of the proven UCM-MOD kit, Sautter Lift Components has therefore paid particular attention to further improving the energy management of the integrated UPS. The UCM-MOD-Kit takes over the detection of uncontrolled car movements and guarantees the emergency evacuation of the passengers, even in the event of a power failure.

Mains and accumulator voltage of the integrated battery are indicated by LEDs and thus enable the status-oriented replacement of the battery. In good time, but not too early either. The charging process is controlled and the battery life is extended by a deep discharge protection. The battery’s deep discharge protection is configured in such a way that an ongoing evacuation campaign is not interrupted. The energy consumption is reduced by controlling the supply voltage of the UCM / A3 components. This is done, for example, by differentiating the control and holding voltage of the lifting magnet on the speed limiter or safely switching off the components after specified times.

In addition, the monitoring electronics are characterized by their ease of assembly and operation. The emergency evacuation and reset buttons can be accessed either when the housing is closed or only when the housing is open; all status information can be read directly from the corresponding LED displays when the control cabinet is closed. The status of the release unit (lifting magnet attracted / released) or an ongoing evacuation are displayed directly on the UCM-MOD-Kit. For quick release after engaging the safety gear, the direction of travel is displayed in the event of an emergency stop, the car can be released immediately from the safety catch in the correct direction. In the new version, the magnetic strips for zone monitoring and direction detection no longer have to be aligned, but are simply attached to the guide rail in parallel.

The print module of the new generation and the connected components such as power supply unit, battery, lifting magnet, safety switch and safety module are monitored by electrically isolated, freely configurable changeover contacts. The terminals for the battery connection are equipped with an active reverse polarity protection.

With the UCM MOD kit, the manufacturer not only offers the monitoring electronics, but also the complete, modular UCM protective device. The system includes the safety gear with trigger rod, the speed limiter with anti-sinking device, tension weight and control rope, the complete installation material for the monitoring electronics in the shaft and machine room as well as the emergency power supply with monitoring for evacuating the passengers. With the exception of the safety gear, which is customized, all components are available from stock. The new MOD kit is available for solving UCM security tasks.

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