Interlift 2022

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Interlift 2022

The current general conditions before the start of Interlift 2022 were difficult with the Corona crisis and the Ukraine war. The unusual date of the trade fair in April of an even year could also have been a reason to reconsider and cancel participation. For Sautter Lift Components GmbH and its partner The Peelle Company, however, this was never an option. And in retrospect, we have not regretted this decision. For the companies Sautter and Peelle the participation was a complete success again. A few visitors less on the stand than in previous years gave us the chance for intensive customer discussions. The whole atmosphere was a bit more relaxed and the visitors were a less stressed and could take more time.
The very positive feedback from our visitors shows us that we can make a valuable contribution to our customers with our products and our know-how:

 The current generation of our UCM MOD kit with a new diagnostic device, makes commissioning and troubleshooting even easier

Our proven RF safety gears which we have extended by three additional sizes.

Our electrical and mechanical spare parts range for old Haushahn equipment with new additions, all parts are still directly interchangeable, especially the electronic boards.

Our BF and SG series brake safety gears with reliable standard delivery times of four weeks, but also by express within two working days if there is a problem.

And of course the vertical sliding doors from world market leader Peelle, particularly robust and durable.

Thanks to all our visitors at the booth and thanks to the AFAG exhibition organizers around Henning Könicke and Joachim Kalsdorf. See you again at Interlift 2023 from October 17 to 20, 2023!