Small size, compact dimensions (200 x 164 x 56.5)
 Heavy load combined with high speed
 Minimal space required between guide rail head and frame assembly: 19.5 mm (4 mm clearance)
 Steady deceleration by long spring travel of disk springs
 Flexible application in lifts with internal and external guide rails (MRL, cantilever design)
 Only low forces required to release the safety gear
 Various possibilities for tripping the safety gear enables an optimal synchronisation, harmonised with various car designs
 An extra protection of the safety gear roller avoids accidental tripping
 Safety gear is type-examination certificated without tripping device, this allows flexible assembly
 Independent and continuosly variable adjustment of braking force upwards and downwards with version 1 of SG2D-1

Main frame SG2D-1, version 1
2 main frames left / right

Tripping device straight
rail head directed in the shaft

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