Sg2D-1 V2

Small, compact design (200 x 164 x 56.5)
High catch load combined with high speeds
Space requirement between guide rail head and frame attachment: 19.5 mm (4 mm air)
Even deceleration due to the long spring travel of the disc springs
Flexible use in systems with inside and outside guide rails (MRL, backpack)
Low forces to release the car from the catch
Optimal synchronization is made possible by various possibilities of triggering the safety gear,
matched to different car designs
Prevention of unintentional triggering by separately securing the catching roller
Safety gear is type-tested without tripping, which enables flexible installation
Braking force for catching downwards and upwards can be set continuously and independently with variant 1

Main frame SG2D-1 short, version 2
Release linkage straight

Tripping device straight
rail head directed in the shaft

Tripping device straight
rail head directed towards the wall