BF Adapter plates

Bremsfangvorrichtung / Baureihe BF / EN81-20 / Sautter Lift Components GmbH / SLC

Adaptation to existing car by adapter plates

Our strength is the adaptation of our safety gears to your individual modernization task. If customized boreholes to our outer housings are not suitable for mounting the safety gear to your existing interception frame, you may succeed with adapter plates. The assembly effort on site is reduced and makes you much faster.

To connect our safety gear to the car by adapter plates, we use our reinforced outer housing (SLC part number 50.100.225) for the one-piece BF safety gear and the outer housing for the tandem safety gear (SLC part number 107.060.131). Please refer to the following sketch for the dimensions of these two housings:

When the safety gear is attached to the lower crossbar of the safety gear frame, side A of the housing is attached to the frame, and side B is used to attach the guide shoes. The adapter plates are mounted between our standard housing and the car.

Connection of the adapter plate to the safety gear housing

The adapter plates can be attached to the housing with three different options:

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Fasten the plate to the SG housing with 4 x M16 countersunk screws (see section B-B (1)).

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Plate welded to SG housing

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Fasten the SG housing to the plate with 4 x M16 6KT screws (see section B-B(2)).

The adapter plates should be at least 20mm high. The connection to the outer housing of the safety gear can be made using the existing hole pattern on the SG housing with 200mm, or 55mm hole spacing (see sketch below). With countersunk screws from above through the plate or with 6KT screws from below into threaded holes on the plate (see section B-B, top left). Alternatively, the plate can also be welded on.

You should consider the following points when determining the mounting holes:

        • The plate height should be at least 20mm
        • The holes must be inside the plate (420 x 160mm), with sufficient distance to the plate edge
        • Mounting can be done with 2 or 4 screws / bolts (row “1” and/or row “2”)
        • When defining the holes, you must take into account the position of the side panels (see sketch of the outer casing above)
        • The edge of the plate is located at a distance of 10mm from the rail head
        • You can choose round holes (threaded or unthreaded), slotted holes, stud bolts (welded in) or holes for hexagon socket head cap screws to connect to the car.
        • Please make a selection for hole line 1 and hole line 2 respectively

Here you will find the inquiry/order sheet for the specification of the adapter plates for mounting on the BF outer housings:


If you can implement the mounting of our safety gear with a customized borehole on the standard housing, an additional adapter plate may not be necessary at all.

Information on the customized boreholes can be found here

Standard adapter plates for BF safety gears

We have defined standard adapter plates for a wide range of old, single-acting safety gears. You can find a selection here:

ZF II Haushahn Adaption
2 attachment plates with fastening parts

RF II Haushahn Adaption
2 attachment plates with fastening parts


RF-1 or GK1 Schindler Adaption
2 attachment plates with fastening parts

F1 Schindler Adaption
2 adapters with fastening parts

T1 Schindler Adaption
2 adapters with fastening parts

T3BR Schindler Adaption
2 x 2 adapters with fastening parts

T5BR Schindler Adaption
2 x 2 profiles with fastening parts