Safety Gears

Bremsfangvorrichtung, Rollensperrfangvorrichtung, Verhinderung von Übergeschwindigkeit


Discover the attractive range of safety gears from SLC at an advantageous price-performance ratio. And watch out: Should you ever be in a particular hurry our express production is at your disposal. In two stages, we deliver an order-specific safety gear with all accessories within two working days or within one working week. Contact us!

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WE CATCH YOU – with Safety Gears for Lifts

The range of our safety gears includes:

In addition, SLC offers tailor-made solutions:

  • Safety gear made of stainless steel
  • Various adaptions to existing car frames
  • Extensive accessories material
  • Design support for the integration of our safety gear in your construction design

Discover safety gears from SLC

Our portfolio includes a wide range of safety gears. SLC safety gears are used in elevator construction (according to Elevator Directive 2014/33/EU and DIN EN 81- 20/50), for storage and retrieval machines (RGB) (according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and DIN EN 528) or generally for fall protection in materials handling systems (e.g.: DIN EN 1494 lifting devices). The following safety gears are available for this purpose:

More than just a manufacturer of safety gears for elevators

SLC does not see itself as a mass manufacturer of safety gears, but rather as a problem solver for the order-specific tasks of our customers. We support you with technical advice and design adaptations of our type-tested safety products. Whatever project you have to manage in the field of elevator or conveyor technology, we support you with the optimal safety gears according to your needs.

What you should know about safety gears

Safety gears for elevators are protective devices which, in addition to preventing free fall and excessive speed of elevator cars or counterweights in the downward direction, also prevent overspeed in the upward direction. They thus directly protect persons from injury and objects from damage. Because of this special importance for elevator safety, safety gears are one of the six explicitly named safety components defined by the EU in the Elevator Directive (2014/33/EU). Unlike other elevator components, their manufacture is subject to special regular inspection by a Notified Body accredited by the EU.

Brake safety gears, such as our BF and SG series, dominate the market for safety gears on elevators. They are generally mounted on the underside of the car and usually use spring forces to ensure safe operation even in the event of a power failure. Brake safety gears slow down a car in such a way that there is no excessive deceleration that could injure passengers, but the car still comes to a safe stop.

As a safety component of elevators, the safety gear is already subject to type testing during the development phase. In accordance with a procedure precisely defined in the harmonized standard DIN EN 81-50, safety gears are put through their paces in real free-fall tests by a Notified Body of the EU before being placed on the market. Any modification to this type-protected product is only permitted in consultation with the Notified Body. Sautter Lift Components has been carrying out such type tests on its own test stand with TÜV Süd Industrieservice for many years.

Overall, safety gears are an irreplaceable part of the safety equipment in an elevator, helping to ensure the well-being of people in buildings. Their regular maintenance and servicing by a specialist company are necessary to ensure proper functioning in an emergency and to protect life and property. For this reason, safety gears on elevators are also regularly inspected by an approved monitoring body.

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We will be happy to find the right solution for your needs as well. If necessary, we will develop the optimal safety gear for your project – even under tight time constraints. Contact us, we look forward to new challenges.

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