Car control cable

MC3000 car control cable


The lift cable of the MC3000 is a flat cable for all uses. The special cable is manufactured exclusively for Sautter Lift Components. It is pre-assembled on both sides and can be pierced. SLC drums the required length from a large drum according to the order and assembles both cables with different g-pin SUB-B plugs, as well as different socket and pin headers.


The cable is equipped with two steel cables as a support element, power supply lines and data lines. A total of 40 individual cores with different cable routing cuts, printed to prevent confusion and provided with good running properties.


The standard delivery time for the assembled cable is 4 weeks. Special delivery times of 10/ 5 and even 2 working days can be confirmed for a corresponding additional charge for the additional work. As an alternative, car control cables with 25m / 30m / 35m / 40m are available from stock. Ask our internal sales team.