MC3000 Spare Parts

Detailed view of a circuit board

Spare parts MC3000

The MC3000 elevator control was installed in the majority of Haushahn elevator systems between 1996 and 2007. The hardware and software of the MC3000 were an in-house development by Haushahn, which went into series production at the beginning of 1996. At that time, the most modern control technologies were used, such as a fieldbus as a data transmission medium for the individual elevator components and a 32-bit microcomputer

The following features distinguish the MC3000:

MC3000 MC3000 has a “distributed intelligence”
MC3000 The core of the control system consists of a powerful 32-bit processor
MC3000 All modules are connected to one another and to the central control computer via a 2-wire connection (LON bus system)
MC3000 The preprocessing and evaluation of inputs and outputs for the connection of (binary) sensors and actuators takes place on site in the microcomputers.
MC3000 Elevator Installation efforts are greatly reduced by the bus system. All bus participants (nodes) are connected via a common bus line
MC3000 Lift Cabling to the cabin is reduced to 1 hanging cable, which is designed as a special flat cable.

The control system consists of the following components:

The tried and tested Haushahn circuit is used for the safety circuit
A separate microcomputer is installed in the panel for the door functions of each door.
The pilot control board contains the decoupling of the safety circuit and the control of the props and thus forms the core of the installation in which all safety functions are plugged together.
A 12mm flat module is used as a call device, in which the bus electronics and connections for additional inputs and outputs are integrated
The cabin module integrates fans and light control, command buttons and other cabin functions and is the central installation point of the cabin installation in the panel.
An absolute encoder system, which can also be subject to slippage, is used for shaft copying. A copier with magnetic switches is used for the A series and simple hydraulic elevators.
In addition to dot matrix displays with 30 and 50mm character height, an LCD display with a display of 240 * 128 pixels is also available.


Sautter Lift Components supplies all spare parts for the Haushahn MC3000 control unit. Here you will find more information…

Car control line

The bus cable of the MC3000 is a special cable in which the data lines and the power supply lines are combined. They are deflected by SLC according to the order and assembled with plugs. Further information is available here…

Other parts for repairing the MC3000

Further information is available here…