Rahmen und Türen

Car Frame CF Series

With our car frames of the CF series, we offer a weight- and space-saving sheet metal construction for all lifts according to EN 81-20/50. The frame is completely srewable and therefore very easy to install. Form-closed connecting elements ensure the necessary stability, which may be required  in extreme situations (emergency stops, drop tests).

The car frame is designed for rated speeds up to 1.6 m/s and rated car loads up to 1,600 kg.

More information could be found here: CF Car Frame



Car and Shaft Door Logos Series

With our tried and tested LOGOS door, we will soon be offering a robust standard door in a compact design and state of the art technology. The door meets the requirements of EN 81-20/50 and EN 81-58: E120. She will convince with short delivery times and an economical price / performance ratio.

Further information will be available soon: Logos Tür